Stop Wasting Your Time and Start Utilizing Social Media Marketing for your Business

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It’s a new year and let’s be honest, many businesses have come to realize the power and influence social media has on their day-to-day operations and sales. Are you ready to level up your social media game plan this 2022?

As a business, it’s recommended to be visible on all the touchpoints your target market has access to — that could easily be email marketing, social media marketing, and even down to traditional marketing collaterals seen in your store or at a high-traffic lamp post.

But with the digital shift of a lot of users today, wouldn’t it be a wise choice to maximize free, meaningful, and hardworking marketing efforts in the form of social media? You have the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and so much.

Here are a few tips for the budding entrepreneur who would like to jumpstart their online journey:

Quality over quantity.

It’s not about how many posts you come up with. It’s about being strategic in providing the right value your customers are looking for. Aim for quality connections, meaningful conversations, and better engagement with your potential target. Remember that it is better to communicate and engage with 1,000 like-minded individuals than with 20,000 followers who are NOT your potential customers. That’s like shooting aimlessly without any direction.

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Focus on value more than anything.

Focus on creating genuine relationships online. If you only focus on selling your product or service, your social media content will only become white noise. All you will keep doing is push out information on what you offer, but you don’t really provide any VALUE to the consumer. Value comes in when there is useful content and people react, relate, and respond to it.

Engage with your audience.

Followers or not, it’s imperative that you interact and answer the comments made to your posts, the DMs sent to you, and even questions sent your way. People like to be heard, and by interacting with your audience, you are showing that you are listening to them. Use the interactions to your advantage — ask polls, come up with surveys, ask questions about your own social campaigns.

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Never delete negative comments.

Even if there will be hateful comments (and trust me, there will be some since you can never please everyone), respond do each and never delete them. It shows how transparent you are as a business, accepting both good and bad reviews, feedback, and comments from your intended audience.

Leverage on great visuals.

Great visuals attract more attention, regardless of the audience you are targeting. Visuals are thumb stoppers when people scroll through social media. Users are also influenced by the visuals used, so it’s recommended to choose appropriate and useful images in your posts.

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Always put in the effort and you’ll see results soon. It may not be overnight, but with the hard work, great strategy, and dedication to growing your social media, you’ll ace this!

Do you need help on effectively communicating your brand’s narrative through social media marketing? Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook and let’s get started to work on your social media efforts.



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Mavic Casas

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