Smart, Savvy, Sexy Entrepreneurs do PR

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Before you say anything, this post DOES NOT mean that only smart, savvy, and sexy people should do PR. I am not excluding anyone here. Instead, this article is intended to encourage more people to come out of their shells, speak out, and utilize the powers of PR to help their businesses grow.

So why do I say smart, savvy, sexy people do PR? Let me break it down for you.

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If you know much about marketing and communications, you would know that investing in public relations (PR) would get you far. It may not be as quick to give you results with how advertising does, but it will build your credibility and reputation as a brand.

It’s about being smart with the budget, resources, time, and efforts. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the impact PR has on any business. If you want easy but short-term results, then PR is not for you.

But if you are wise to invest in PR over the long run, you’ll see the results for your brand.

What can PR do for your business?

· It can build your reputation and credibility as a trusted partner.

· It leverages the influence of third parties to share information that will educate your audience.

· It utilizes information to change behavior and perception.

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PR’s purpose is to sell through the sources people trust the most. As a business owner and entrepreneur, being savvy with communicating your brand’s messages is essential.

With practically everything shifting to digital, becoming PR savvy through social media is a great move. Social media has become a game-changer for PR professionals across the world. Regardless of the industry or business, you are in, social media provides you with the means to get your message out immediately.

Over the past 12 years in my career, I have seen a drastic shift in how we communicate brand messages — both the good and ugly. Telling a story well through both traditional means and social media has given everyone the transparency to find trusted sources. It has made businesses more strategic in targeting their messages and becoming more diligent in sharing the ‘truth’ to the ever-discerning audience.

Social media has changed the way PR is done in a lot of positive ways. Doing PR in social media entails being updated on the latest trends in social, always being visible to your followers, and establishing your footprint to tell your story effectively.

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Over the years, people have started seeing the worth of doing PR. It’s not spin at all, contrary to what many think. It’s about telling impactful stories in the most effective and ‘sexiest’ manner.

Still in doubt? Smart and savvy entrepreneurs see the value of how PR can help mold your audiences’ perspective on the brand, what your company stands for, and what your business can offer to them.

So how can entrepreneurs make PR appealing enough? Here are five things to consider:

· Know your audience and niche.

· Determine effective channels to cascade your messages

· Focus on building credibility in the industry you are a part of

· Learn to collaborate with key stakeholders and partners

· Practice in-person communication efforts

Many of our audiences today want to experience brands and what we sell personally. So how do we make them interested enough to try? It all boils down to how we communicate it to them.

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