Sharing My Personal Journey from Corporate Executive to Entrepreneurial Consultant

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I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for how my life is turning out thus far. If you have followed me here (and on Instagram) for the past couple of months, you’d remember how I’ve initially shared my journey of making the most difficult decision in my life — leaving my comfort zone, my successful corporate job at a time when there were a lot of uncertainties in life.

Looking back at it, I have realized two things that I want to share:

1. There is no perfect time.

There really will be no perfect time to do what you want — build your own business, go travel to your favorite destination, learn how to cook, try out extreme sports, etc. The right time is when YOU actually decide that it’s the right time to do it.

So to all those who need it, hey, this is your sign that you can do it. And you should — whatever it is you’re thinking of doing or starting or ending. As the Nike brand aptly puts it, Just Do it.

2. Pinning down the right messages matters.

Regardless if you’re talking about a full-fledged company or a personal brand, being able to determine the right brand narrative is very crucial to succeed. You can’t go in to market anything or anyone without clear messages.

Know what you want to impart, what value you bring to the table, and stick to that. Be your genuine self, and everything will follow.

There really is no easy way to transition from a successful career to building something from the ground up. While many find it difficult, some find it as a challenge that they need to surpass. And that was how I was when I took the reign and had to pivot my whole career. And little by little, I am able to make a difference not just in my own life but as well as my clients’ and their target markets’.

If you want to listen in and learn more about how I was able to pivot, and how you can make a difference by running your own consultancy, you can tune in to The Vineyard Brand Consultancy’s Brand Start podcast here.

Also a shout out to our team at The Vineyard Brand Consultancy. It’s truly an awesome feat to be able to reach one year without giving up, most especially as we navigate through the pandemic. Thank you for all the hard work, team!

The team behind The Vineyard Brand Consultancy (L-R): Aljero Grape, Hellianer Carreon, Leonard Grape, Mavic Casas (that’s me!), and Abbie Grape.

Do you need help on effectively communicating your brand’s narrative through social media marketing? Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook and let’s get started to work on your social media efforts.



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Mavic Casas

Mavic Casas

PR-preneur • Communications and Social Media Consultant • Foodie • Avid Traveller • I help brands harness the power of content and impactful storytelling.