It’s Time More Businesses Invest in PR

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Many entrepreneurs and brand managers today prioritize advertising and marketing efforts first to secure sales. That’s not wrong. But what many seem to forget is that PR goes hand in hand with a lot of marketing initiatives.

You want to reach a wider set of audience? PR can do that.

Are you aiming to create a stronger impact among your target market? PR can influence them.

Wishing your audience would care about your brand? PR can help with it.

Most of the time, marketers remember to utilize PR last minute. Truth be told, we cannot remember the number of times our clients have flagged us of the need of PR in the past when a big launch is about to happen.

What they miss would be all the pre-launch activities that PR could have helped amplify.

When we get asked why companies need to start investing in PR, we give them five main reasons:

  • To Stay Relevant. When you leverage on a strong PR approach that’s supported by effective tactics, you stay relevant in your audiences’ minds. You become top-of-mind because PR evokes emotions more than anything.
  • To Build Brand Recognition. PR helps make your brand known because of all of effective communication tactics done whether it’s in-depth interviews, thought leadership articles, press releases, media launch events, or whatnot.
  • To Create Long Lasting Relationships. With PR, you not only effectively get the message out to your intended audience, you create long lasting relationships that can only get stronger over time. You build relationships with key stakeholders be it from the media, suppliers, government officials, or even those within the respective communities you are a part of.
  • To Get Into the Competition Circle. When the media publish you, you build your credibility. Your brand gets include in the watch list of competitors, so they look out for what other initiatives you do to increase sales and build a stronger brand.
  • and lastly, because it is more effective than advertising. While advertising might give you immediate numbers, what PR works on is on building a relationship with your target market in a way that will make them feel something towards your services or products. Think long-term, that’s what PR is all about. You won’t spend as much as you do in advertising, but you get returns through the impact in stories and the impressions you gain from published articles by the media.

Do you need help on effectively communicating your brand’s narrative through PR and social media marketing? Need help in branding your business? We’d love to talk to you. Send us a message at



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Mavic Casas

Mavic Casas

PR-preneur • Communications and Social Media Consultant • Foodie • Avid Traveller • I help brands harness the power of content and impactful storytelling.