How I Turned the Scariest Point in my Life to One of the Best Moments

Anyone who knows me would tell you I was a stickler for consistency. I like the 9–5 routine a typical day job would give. But life has a way of surprising you with the strangest and most unexpected experiences.

Let’s do a bit of rewind here. My life has always been dictated by the work that I do. I was an admitted workaholic. For over 11 and a half years, I poured 90% of my time to my work. I was building my career; I was making a name for myself. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Any competitive millennial would have probably gone through what I did, or at least a semblance of it.

So there I was, living on a high, enjoying the perks of a fixed salary and benefits from the company I was working for. Then life happened. I fell in love (and it’s the most fantastic thing ever, don’t get me wrong). We got engaged. We were planning our wedding. We were so up in the clouds and optimistic that we’d be together in no time. But the pandemic had a different plan for us, no kidding. It felt as if it was taunting us that we’d be apart for longer than we predicted. And true enough, it did not fail.

The riskiest move

Just a few months back, I was part of a multinational marketing agency and led one of the biggest teams in our department. I was on a high. I had an incredible career with an amazing, reliable, and excellent team. I loved what we did and how we worked well as a team. I was practically married to my job.

But I decided to resign because we (my fiancé and I) thought marriage was just around the corner and I was going to be able to fly across the world to be with him in just a few months.

So, there I was, letting go of one of the most significant constants in my life to start a new journey. It sounds like a fairytale, right? However, we’ve experienced some setbacks and delays. It’s been a few months since I turned over a new leaf, and I’m still here without any word on when I can fly out.

Taking the leap

I didn’t want to become stagnant nor lose what I knew how to do best. I didn’t let the delay falter my growth. I started my consultancy — offering clients what I knew I did best. I began to build my personal brand, and three months in, I feel blessed to have inquiries coming in, past clients reaching out for my services, even some friends offering projects. It was a blessing in disguise.

I still get to do what I love the most while doing it in my own time, on my own terms. I can now take on the clients we would have turned down in my past job. So there is that sense of deeper meaning to everything I started doing. I tell myself every day that I’m doing something I love and doing it for all that it’s worth.

I also started supporting my fiancé by helping him out with his communication and marketing efforts for his own startup. We were even able to upsell services to one of his long-standing clients by offering editorial and social media services. This gave me the opportunity to further learn, improve, and adjust to how things are done in a market I wasn’t as exposed to as I was in the Philippines.

Earlier in the year, I partnered with my friend to build a consultancy firm that focuses on helping startups and entrepreneurs with their branding efforts, communication campaigns, and design needs. It started off as me helping him with strategy, editorials, content writing, and copywriting services, up until we both decided to scale the business and focus on our core strengths.

Ever since I left my corporate job, and together with a new team, we now work, support, and provide tailor-fit services to our growing list of clients. In just a matter of months, we closed the biggest clients the consultancy firm has seen since it began earlier this year.

New beginnings

People have always said that life surprises you when you least expect it. And that was it for me — turning over a new leaf from living the corporate dream to becoming a semi-entrepreneur. Of course, I still have moments when I doubt myself but I eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. The shift from being in corporate to running something on my own with my friends can be daunting but very fulfilling.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. Let’s sit down and talk about unlocking the opportunities for your business.



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Mavic Casas

Mavic Casas

PR-preneur • Communications and Social Media Consultant • Foodie • Avid Traveller • I help brands harness the power of content and impactful storytelling.