7 Reasons Why Public Relations is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

Today, many businesses, including budding entrepreneurs and startup founders, focus on advertising and marketing to get their messages out. And oftentimes, they tend to overlook the power of public relations (PR).

What is PR anyway? Some define it as a technique to manage information about a particular company and its services when it is shared with the media and the public. It creates brand image, reinforces a company’s reputation, and even builds credibility.

Why should businesses then capitalize and invest in PR? Here are a few reasons you should consider utilizing PR for your brand:

It drives awareness.

While social media has been front and center for most businesses lately, PR still has its impact in the ever-changing digital world. PR plays a vital role in increasing brand awareness, and featuring your brand and services in the press. Over time and after constant exposure in media, you will be at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds.

It tells a story that people connect with.

While advertising and traditional marketing efforts latch onto catchy headlines, PR focuses on telling a deeper story that will resonate with your target audience. No matter what business or industry you are in, there will always be stories that you can share. People love stories, most especially if you have a great plot and an exciting message. There are many ways to tell and share your story across different channels and platforms.

It lets you reach a more comprehensive set of audience.

Gaining visibility from online publications helps you reach more people. New audiences, in particular, will be able to familiarize themselves with your business and services. Gain awareness, and sometimes even popularity, by capturing their attention and convincing them to choose you over others. If they like your service, they will most likely spread the word about your business to someone they know.

It helps promote your brand’s values.

Maximizing the power of PR helps paint your business in a positive light, letting people know more about your company, what you stand for, and how you fit in as part of the solution to a problem of theirs. A strong public relations plan will target the right audience more effectively with the most relevant and impactful content. The goal is to engage your target market with messages that embody the values that your business stands for.

It boosts your brand’s credibility.

There are far more discerning customers right now, and trust is vital in gaining loyal customers and ambassadors for your business. Having the press feature and talk about your business and your services have the potential to strengthen your credibility. When stories by journalists and editors are published in trusted sources, you build credibility. Third-party affirmations and the so-called ‘seal of approval’ help you and your business become more valuable and desirable to the public.

It improves your SEO.

You read that right. Being featured in online articles means your presence will always be online. So when potential customers look for your brand in search engines, your press mentions will appear and they will be able to read about you (and not just from your website).

It reduces costs.

Contrary to what many think, PR doesn’t cost as much as advertising. It’s the considerable benefit companies get from PR. Utilizing the power of PR and the content generated from PR can help you achieve strong impact at a lower cost.

These are just some of the MANY reasons why PR is beneficial for any business. If you want to learn more or need help in building your brand awareness or strengthening your brand’s reputation, connect with me on LinkedIn. Let’s sit down and talk about unlocking the opportunities for your business.



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Mavic Casas

Mavic Casas

PR-preneur • Communications and Social Media Consultant • Foodie • Avid Traveller • I help brands harness the power of content and impactful storytelling.