3 Reasons Why Fear is the Ultimate Driving Force

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As an entrepreneur, freelancer, or even a consultant, feeling a sense of fear in what we do is quite normal, don’t you think?

Personally, fear has always found its way to overwhelm me every time I make a huge decision be it in my personal life or career. But over the past few months, I have truly realized how fear could be the best driving force and motivation for anyone to push themselves to succeed.

Many of us have the tendency to dismiss fear as a weakness but it honestly is a useful feeling to make things happen. Fear is a powerful force that can push anyone to do amazing things, but if taken the wrong way, could also just do the exact opposite of that.

I’m an anxious person and have always been one to the point where when something happens I immediately expect the worst to happen.

However, over the months of being out of the corporate world and being on my own as a consultant, I’ve learned to take in that growth mindset everyone has talked about. What if things actually turn out well as long as you put in the work that is needed?

And guess what, here I am, ready to help you by giving three reasons why fear is the ultimate driving force for pretty much anyone or any business.

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Fear is a good sign you are doing something right.

Before you say anything, fear has its pros and cons and it really depends on your mindset and how you choose to see and accept things. Nothing great can happen if you do not face your fear. As a consultant, is it pitching your business and services to potential clients? If you’re an entrepreneur, is it getting the word out on the value that your services have for your customers?

Fear comes in different facets. Truth be told, it’s a sign that you are about to experience greatness by facing just that — the fear that you think would set you back from achieving things but would honestly catapult you into doing what you didn’t think you are capable of.

Mark Twain once said that courage is not the absence of fear, courage is the mastery of fear. Pursue what you want, do what you know what do best even if it scares the shit out of you.

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Fear motivates you to act on it.

Fear moves you and inspires you to action. Oftentimes as a consultant and when work piles up, I end up panicking, fearing that I won’t be able to make the deadlines I set for myself (which are usually way early than what client expects). But what I’ve learned over time is that fearing that deadline helps me push myself to work well and smarter.

The problem we have as individuals, entrepreneurs, and consultants is the fear of failure. What if my client doesn’t like the products I sell? What if my message is not effectively shared with my target audience and it confuses them? What if I’m not in the right field or my services are being marketed the wrong way?

Fear is the push that we need to escape the usual and what our comfort zones are to become successful in what we venture out and set our minds to do. At the most basic level, fear is a necessary response to any danger or threat that comes our way. Feeling fear in what we do, regardless if you’ve done it for a few months or decades already, makes you thrive to do your best and that is what your potential clients and customers need.

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Fear is your best friend to succeed.

Quite ironic, right? Many of us would actually choose the easy road in what we do. How can we make money, sell our products, provide our services to our customers the easy way?

When we always choose the easy route, our success can only be at a minimal level. Trust me, I’ve experienced this. But if you challenge yourself to face your fear, to take fear and make it your new best friend, the possibilities are limitless.

You just have to get over that fear of failure, the fear of being rejected, the fear of not making any sales in the first month. Use that feeling of fear as the driving force for you to do your best, face what you don’t think you’re good at, and become successful in the field and industry you choose.

What do you fear the most? Connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. Let’s sit down and talk about unlocking the opportunities for your brand.



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